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Joyful Motel stay in Blåvand

Motel Garni is located in calm surroundings amongst other summer houses - 300 meters from the city in direction of the lighthouse and 700 meters from the sea.

All the apartments are nice well functioning and very cosy.

In the areas around the motel you will find a lot of nature, and the place is very safe for kids and dogs.​

The motel has got 8 apartments they all range in the size from 32 m2 to 35 m2. In each of the apartments you can find sleeping facilities for 4-5 people. There is also a small kitchen, bathroom with a sink a shower. You will find a television, free wifi and access to your own or a shared terrace.

On the first floor there is a bigger apartment which is 75 m2. It has room for 6 people. In the apartment you will find a big living room, kitchen, shower and two bed rooms. There is also a balcony with a nice view.​

About us

We want to run the place in a way that you get exactly the stay you want, weather you are staying a day or longer.

The apartments

​All the apartments have a bed, couch/chairs, dining table, a wardrobe, TV, and free Wifi.


Blåvand is a good starting point for many attractions and activities. There is also the opportunity to experience great music!

​About the motel

​Motel Garni

CVR: 36547979


​Fyrvej 22 

DK-6857 Blåvand

Motel Garni
Fyrvej 22
6857 Blåvand